Dry Skin Problems?


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Yeah I hear ya! It keeps me awake at night and that is no lie; I toss and turn wishing someone was awake to scratch my back like a crazy wild person. It’s hard to be comfortable because I am so dang itchy all the time. My torso is the worst and relaxing isn’t really relaxing because I have to move around so much to fix an itch. In fact right now I am sitting on the couch cringing because I have about ten different spots that are killing me. If you haven’t gone through this I envy you. It used to be worse believe it or not. So what did I do? First and foremost I got rid of the sulfates in my soaps and shampoos! Sulfates are just plain BAD; there’s a lot of crud they can do, but to keep it simple they dry the heck out of your skin. Sulfates are in your shampoo and body washes and other various things…I even saw that it was in my glucosamine supplement!!! Needless to say the supplement went back to the store. Sulfates give you the lavish lather we all crave, but you can also get that lather from REAL soap. Soap is made with lye and fat, while lye can be terribly dangerous if the soap is made correctly it is 100% neutralized and won’t be singeing any skin! I don’t like making soap, so I use Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps.


A 32 oz bottle will run you around $15, you can get it most places that have a Green section. There are various scents with my favorite being the peppermint and Baby Mild though, I don’t like the peppermint in the winter as it makes getting out of the shower more than chilly. Dr Bronner’s liquid soap is very concentrated so 32 oz is not 32 oz; it can be as little as 64 oz when diluted at 1:1 or as much as 96 oz when diluted 2:1. I just mix it in a spare bottle and squirt a bit onto a puff, really making it go far. When washing my hair I just squirt it directly into my hair as it’s watery thin. At $15 it can seem steep even when diluted as you can get a shampoo at the wholesale clubs that is about that size for around $6. Most sulfate free shampoos are going to cost a pretty penny and I don’t care that I have to pay more because I feel better…maybe not all better, but better.

The other thing I do is I use a homemade body cream with just three ingredients: shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil. I don’t use it for my around the house hand cream because it is sort of greasy and gets all over everything.


When I slather it on after a shower I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then buff off the extra because who’s got time to let it soak in??? For my hand cream I am trying out a Burt’s Bees selection, but I don’t think I will buy it again, I am picky about the texture of hand creams and it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Now if you just have dry skin this might solve your problems, it might not but it should definitely make it better. My skin is excruciatingly dry to the point that I occasionally cry so this hasn’t cured my problem, but made it about 30% more bearable.

I have a recipe for the body cream I use, but first checkout this house:


It’s not under construction, no a tornado came and blew out all the windows and sucked everything out, except for the bathtub that is. The Playmobil people might have been safe had they not put windows in the bathroom. Here is the tornado:


It was an “EF5 the most powerful tornado” says Little Man. One more thing before we get on to the recipe:  I am now on Instagram so click on the social icons in the right hand sidebar and give me a follow wollow.

body cream recipe

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  1. Krista @ the happy housie says:

    This sounds like thick great strong stuff! I have pinned the recipe and will have to give it a go- I get a few really bad spots of dry skin and psoriasis. Usually I have to use steroids on that which totally sucks but nothing else has worked -so I really get your pain!! Thanks for the recipe:)

    • Heather says:

      I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs, their quality is very good. But you can get it on Amazon and I am sure there are other great quality butters I just haven’t tried them! :D

  2. Christine says:

    Hello there Heather, , thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog Little Brags (the post with the cute bunny in front of the fireplace) I tried to reply to your comment directly but you came up as a non reply blogger. Christine

  3. Cathy says:

    Thanks for sharing at the Happiness Is Homemade Link Party! Pinning to the party board and can’t wait to see what happiness posts you share next week! Have a terrific week!

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