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Farmhouse Kitchen

May 18, 2017

I received free product from Pier 1. Affiliate links are included in this post, I’ll be compensated if someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase.
Summer is just around the corner and I thought it might be fun to spruce things up around the kitchen – I loved my decor, but I really wanted something farmhouse. What I love about farmhouse style, is that it easily blends into so many different decor styles, it’s effortless and eclectic, yet elegant at the same time. As luck would have it, one of my favorite stores carries a beautiful selection of farmhouse decor, that was perfect for freshening up my kitchen: Pier 1. As I looked at the gorgeous merchandise, so many things caught my eye, but right off, I fell in love with the Ivory Farmhouse Canisters! These canisters are a nice creamy white with a wooden lid and they’re just perfect for storing things like granola bars, sweeteners packets and jerky sticks. I love that you can’t see through the canisters, keeping the kitchen from looking cluttery! There’s one thing that I often forget when it comes to the kitchen: rugs! Pier 1 has a fantastic selection of rugs and one of the rug lines that I was extra excited for, was the Magnolia Home rugs! I selected the Magnolia Home Carter Khaki Rug, it’s the perfect size for in front of the sink and the colors go so well with my kitchen! The Magnolia Home Carter Khaki Rug feels so comfy underfoot and the edging on the rug is quite fun, as it’s the same color as the the rest of the rug, but it’s darker! Pier 1 offers Free Shipping on most of the Magnolia Home rugs with code FreeShip49! I also grabbed a Satin Knots Light Blue Rug to swap the Magnolia Home Carter Khaki Rug when it’s being cleaned or for a simple change-up! The Satin Knots Light Blue Rug has a nice sheen and unique texture that I love!

Next up I found this Farmhouse Wood & Iron Bread Basket – it’s perfect for storing linen napkins in and of course for serving a loaf of crusty bread at dinner! I like to place a linen napkin or tea towel in the bottom of the basket and tuck the bread into the napkin. A linen napkin around the bread adds such a cozy touch to the dinner table. Speaking of napkins, these Gray Ticking Stripe Napkins are just gorgeous, I really love the subtlety of the stripes! The Gray Ticking Stripe Napkins are great for creating a beautiful tablescape and wrapping around a loaf of bread! Whether it’s for everyday decor or creating a special meal, I enjoy having gorgeous dinnerware on the table! At Pier 1 I love that they have so many dinnerware options and that I can buy 1 piece or many pieces as I need! It’s often hard to narrow choices down when you see so many things that you like, but when I saw the Chateau Clair White dinnerware, I knew instantly that, that was what I wanted! I grabbed a set of 4 Chateau Clair White Dinner Plates and 4 Chateau Clair White Salad Plates. The pattern on the Chateau Clair White dinnerware is raised, giving each one beautiful texture. I was still shopping for the table and I happened upon this gorgeous Jute Table Runner! Isn’t the texture amazing? I love how the roughness of the Jute Table Runner looks against the smooth wood tabletop!


I am kinda crazy about marble and mango wood together, so this Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand, caught my attention immediately. The Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand is perfect for serving cakes, but you can also serve appetizers on it too…you could even store a stack of linen napkins on top of it! There are so many possibilities that this Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand holds, but it looks gorgeous even without a thing on it! I have this thing for tiered stands, I think they’re so much fun and this Galvanized 2-Tiered Server did not disappoint! The Galvanized 2-Tiered Server is perfect for keeping fruit, hot cocoa mixes, mini spoons or even serving appetizers. What I really enjoy about the Galvanized 2-Tiered Server is the ruffled edges, seriously who thought that galvanized could be elegant? I wanted a little something for the kitchen counter that added some extra, but subtle farmhouse. This Grocery Wall Sign worked perfectly (which is on sale), tucked behind the Galvanized 2-Tiered Server. What’s awesome about this sign is that it’s lightweight and you can set it on a surface or hang it on a wall! One of my favorite items that I picked up at Pier 1 to help complete my farmhouse kitchen, was this Galvanized Menu Board. The sweet ruffles on the sides of the Galvanized Menu Board, echo those of the Galvanized 2-Tiered Server, helping bring each of the counter spaces together. The Galvanized Menu Board is perfect for leaving messages for each other, writing out the day’s menu or keeping a running grocery list.


After bringing all of this beautiful farmhouse goodness to my kitchen, I wanted to make a special treat that kept with the farmhouse theme of, effortless elegance! I wanted to create a simple little treat, that took no time, had touches of elegance yet, had rustic touches. I picked up a box of pre-made snack cakes and turned them into what I like to call Simple Farmhouse Teacakes.

Simple Farmhouse Teacakes

Box of snack cakes
Decorative mini napkins, doilies, etc.
Pier 1 Galvanized 2-Tiered Server or Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand

  • With the knife cut all of the edges off of the snack cake (leave the top and the bottom edges on)
  • If your snack cakes are larger squares like mine, also cut them into quarters
  • Take a raspberry and place on top of the snack cake
  • Use a toothpick and carefully press into the raspberry and snack cake
  • Place the farmhouse teacake on a mini napkin etc. and set on the Pier 1 Galvanized 2-Tiered Server or Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand to serve

Now you have an elegant and effortless teacake that you can serve at a party or small get-together!

Pier 1 truly has everything you need to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen! Head over and check out Pier 1 so you can add farmhouse touches to your own kitchen!