A Frame to Smile About

I got a very late start to my day today; I am always a little weird when we have a storm come through, getting laundry done, making sure the bathroom is clean…things like that, just in case the power is to go out for days on end or we have to hunker down in lieu of a  tornado. We got caught once with no clean clothes and the house was a mess and the power was out for 3 days in the middle of summer. Three days is very survivable, but when you’re not prepared it really discombobulates you. So I always spend the day of or before getting ready.

I told hubby today that I want a china cabinet for the kitchen, but it can’t be new I want to refab it. So he is taking me “antiquing” this weekend. Let’s hope if we find one that they deliver it or I will be hitting up his buddies to pick it up! This is what is in the kitchen now:

It’s alright, but it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door…yeah. It also does not give me a lot of space to work with. Yes it’s in front of a door, we have three entry doors in our 1200 sq ft house. Yes THREE! I don’t have enough wall space as it is and that is just ridiculous. Anyhow, on to today’s project!
I picked up this lovely painting a few years ago, it was my first REAL decor purchase. Actually when I saw it I stopped dead in my tracks, my mama in law will tell you about that! It hung in the living room for most of the years that I’ve had it, but when we put in shelving in the living room it had to move out and my heart cracked just a little…I was afraid I wouldn’t have a place to hang it.

Luckily I found the perfect place in the office and it’s been there for a few months. Every time I walked by it something just wasn’t right. Finally the other day when I sat down for my weekly brainstorm session I knew what it was. The color of the frame was ALL wrong, the painting got lost in the frame due to the lack of contrast. What do you do when a color isn’t right? Whip out the almighty Annie Sloan chalk paint of course!

Normally I would have removed the painting from the frame, but removal would likely have destroyed the frame and or the painting. I did the next best thing and covered it with masking tape. NOTE: if you do something like this make sure at the very least that you use a tape on the edges that has a good seal or your paint will bleed all through onto your piece. I got to work and applied my first coat in Old White. It was looking good until it dried and I saw that it was bleeding blue.

Thankfully The Purple Painted Lady has great info on her site and I had already obtained a can of shellac. So I got to shellac-a-lackaling! Now if you have not used shellac before, it is very thin and the smallest amount goes so very far so be careful or it will run everywhere!

I waited an hour even though you can allegedly get to painting over shellac in about 10 minutes. I made sure for both the paint and shellac to get in the flourishes very well. Once everything was good and dry I applied one coat of clear wax. Waited. Buffed it and then applied some Country Chic gold wax to the flourishes to give it just a little highlighting. I let the gold wax sit and then buffed it.

Because the surface of the frame was crackled to begin with, the paint I applied also became crackled, but I’m ok with that. Now the picture pops right out of the frame and you can see it and appreciate it and that’s a frame to smile about!
Monday I will have updates on my Etsy store, I am excited and I hope you are too! I am prepping my Society6 account for its debut…more to come on that soon!
Do you have any painting projects in the works or planning stages?
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  1. Marti says:

    What an awesome idea ( to paint the frame ) I would have thought there was nothing I could do to it especially since the painting would be destroyed trying to remove it from the frame.
    I’m excited to hear about your painting projects and society6 news as a matter of fact I started an account there but that’s when I decided to take on the project of a shopping cart which I’m still working on grrr

    • Heather says:

      I will have to find you on there! I love that you can turn pieces into throw pillows! :D Haha, it always takes LONGER to do something seemingly small. Thank you Marti!

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