Party Tassels

dia muertosI’ve been planning this for months a back to school party Dia de los Muertos style. Why Dia de los Muertos style? To welcome in fall and nothing says fall more than the gorgeous colors of Dia de los Muertos! I’ve taken my sweet time preparing, “oh look there’s a squirrel” and preparing some more! I am terrible about over complicating things (just ask my better half), but sometimes I under-do things if you know what I mean…like forgetting or skipping the event because I spent too long being distracted This year we will have balloons and tassels, LOTS of tassels you cannot have a party without them. Though, we have already started school the party will officially start next weekend.

Ready to get down with some party tassels?
the collage

  • Start by completely unfolding your tissue (mine was not folded to begin with)
  • I like to stack several sheets of tissue on top of each other to cut down on cutting time
  • Now fold them in half one time
  • Cut thin strips up to about an inch or two of the edge of the fold
  • Unfold and separate the tissue
  • Roll the tissue down the middle of the open fold and when you reach the end twist the middle gently but tightly

As you roll the tissue you might have an issue with the fringe getting tangled: gently brush it out and shake it as you go. Once you finish rolling the tassel give it a final shake out for a tangle free tassel.

On a total side note: you should NOT use candles when working with things like tissue!

dia muertos 3dia muertos 2

Do you have any plans before you say goodbye to summer?

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  1. Teri @ The Freshman Cook says:

    These are so cute and festive! I love the fact that you can make them in any color too! I would love if you would share these tassels and anything else you would like, at my new blog party, Celebrate It!
    It’s all about sharing how we celebrate our everyday lives!

  2. Ashley @ says:

    How fun are these! Love the colors. I always love to see all the Dia de los Muertos decorations, especially the sugar skulls. Thanks for sharing, and your post will be featured in tonight’s What’d You Do This Weekend! Pinned :-)

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