6 Pro Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

  • 09 Mar 2022 07:13
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6 Pro Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

No matter how many times you have walked its aisles, it's difficult enough to organize a grocery list that matches the layout of your favorite supermarket. It would seem that the hard work is done when you get all your bags out of the car and into the kitchen. The worst is yet ahead.

This is because you still need to think about where all this food will go. Although you can stuff, shuffle, and slam as much food as you like, organizing your kitchen pantry takes more than just a little elbow grease.

Don't worry, though. We understand how difficult it can be to organize your pantry and keep it organized for the long term. We've compiled a list with six organizational tips to make your last shopping trip a lot easier. We promise.

1. Only buy what you need

Are you aware of what is going to make your pantry less organized? Too much stuff. Organizing your pantry effectively means that you should only buy what you need, no matter how great the deal.

A hook can make it easier to find a place on your pantry or wall where you can hang a hook. Hang a clipboard on that hook so you and your family can note down what you are running low on. Grab the clipboard, and you can use that list as your outline for your next shopping trip. Only fill in what is necessary. This is one way to make organization easier.

2. Befriend the Basket

Your cans can of soup, sauce, and veggies be lost no matter how they stack.

Pullout baskets make it easy to organize your pantry. You can now pull out your drawers to sort through them quickly.

You can also use the baskets to store snacks, baking materials, and spices. Once they are inside, everything will fit better. Label the baskets to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

3. Clear the air

Some shelves are too shallow to accommodate bins and storage baskets. You can transfer your food to clear plastic containers that fit neatly together. This will make it easy to see what you have and how much.

These containers also keep your snacks, baking materials, and cereals fresher longer. You won't have to leave bags open to the air and unclipped. You can also add a hook to the side of larger containers and hang a scooper on it to make making morning cereals easier.

4. Find a home for your shopping bags

You can also fill one bag with several other bags and put it on the ground in your pantry. You could also spend the time to make this DIY bag, which can hold the bags and dispense them from the bottom when you need them. The final project can be easily hung on the wall or door to the pantry so that you have more space for food storage.

5. Stagger and Stack

Do you remember when in high school choir your teacher used to place you on the risers? The rule was that the tallest children would sit in the back, while the average-sized ones would be in the middle and the shortest would be in front. This would allow you to see the conductor and your parents, as well as snap embarrassing photos that they still love to use.

This concept can be used to improve the organization of your kitchen pantry. You can simply build simple risers that you place on top of your pantry shelves.
Voila! You can see everything, and it can also see you. The above tips can be combined to create a pantry that works for you.

6. Get on a Roll

Finally, you can create a corner for all your non-food kitchen supplies.

  • Aluminum foil
  • Wrap yourself in cling wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Wax paper

Grab a few magazine holders from your local office store and place them on the shelf. Place the rolls in an upright position. This will take about 30 seconds. You will then be able to keep better track of how much aluminum foil you have, and where your parchment paper went.

Now it's your turn

These six tips are very simple and can be used as a starting point to organize your kitchen pantry. You may find DIY tips that fit your pantry, or you might come up with your ideas by staring into the chip bag-filled abyss.

You will come out the other side with a better closet for your family, no matter what. You can organize your pantry this weekend to have one less source of stress.

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