7 Plants That Are Perfect for Winter

  • 04 Mar 2022 11:40
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7 Plants That Are Perfect for Winter


My Mother did not bless me with a Green Thumb. My touch seems to bring about the black plague in plants within 50 feet of me, so I need to work hard. With a lot of sweat, tears, and a lot more work than I wanted, I finally created a garden. It can be difficult to get through winter. Many gardeners, like me, are trying to find a way out of the winter blues. It is possible to find plants that can thrive in harsher environments, but it is not as difficult as you might think. These plants are great places to start if you want a winter garden that is full of color.


Winterberry, a species of Holly that can grow up to 6-15 feet high and as much as twice as wide, is the most popular. Winterberry is a deciduous, low-maintenance shrub that can provide food for small mammals as well as many species of birds. However, it is toxic to humans. Bright red berries can last through winter and into spring.

Winter Jasmine

This deciduous shrub blooms in winter and can grow to 3-4 feet high. The bush's stems remain green all year, and the yellow waxy flowers add some color to winter. Winter jasmine can grow to 15 feet tall and can be planted on a trellis, but it is equally at home when left to cascade over a wall.


This plant is hardy and thrives in cool winter temperatures. It goes dormant during the summer. Hardy cyclamen can be grown in dry shade and are one of few flowering plants that can withstand cold temperatures. Tubers can rot if they are not kept dry. It is important to have well-drained soil. These colorful flowers are tolerant to winter's harsh conditions and are largely pest-free.


Oriental hybrid hellebores are a great addition to any winter landscape. They bloom well before most other flowers and can even flower before the snow melts. These beauties come in almost every color you can imagine. They are tolerant to full sun or partial shade but will tolerate acidic soil.

Iceland Poppy

Iceland poppies are light-scented flowers that can be found in many colors. They last from mid-winter through late spring. These colorful flowers have translucent petals that allow the sun to shine through, making them brighter than other flowers.

Witch Hazel

You don't need to have healing properties to plant witch hazel. Just consider the beautiful color and fragrant fragrance they add to a winter garden. These flowers are distinguished by their unique spidery blooms and can withstand the harsh winter weather.


There are 2,500 types of snowdrops and most bloom in winter. These stunning white flowers have brilliant green stems and are easy to maintain. They can survive in any soil.

There's no reason for a garden to be dull when winter comes. These bright plants will give you a garden that is full of color even before the snow melts, so you can enjoy your garden year-round.

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