• 17 Feb 2022
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Why WoodsOfBellTrees

You've reached the right place if you have ever dreamed of being a Maker, bringing life to designs that were only in your imagination.
WoodsOfBellTrees doesn't only provide a platform for those who want to get into the worlds of sewing, crafting, and fashion.
It's a dream factory where you can share your knowledge and experience with others who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.
We knew WoodsOfBellTrees would be a key piece to our success when we founded it. It's impossible to create something so unique by yourself!
We recognize that the world needs communities that are focused on creating tangible, tangible things. We hope to make a small contribution to changing the fabric and future of the world. We are happy that you found us at WoodsOfBellTrees.
We hope that you will make this your home for creativity. You'll not only be able to check out the many resources and include we share (and upload regularly), but also have the opportunity to share your stories, creations, and experiences here.

Our Story

Our story is unique in that we were late to the sewing and crafting game when it comes to creating. 
We were not able to create "right out the cradle", as some of our contributors. It took us a while to get into this hobby, get passionate about crafting, and find ourselves in this incredible community.
We can tell you, however, that once we found our way into the pool we jumped in with both feet and have not looked back since!
We spend our time creating content for WoodsOfBellTrees, but we also explore the history of this wonderful craft community and find new ways to share what we discover with you.
We are confident that this WoodsOfBellTrees platform will continue to grow and evolve, adding new content, guidance and resources as often and as possible.
Our goal has been to create a community that is the "one-stop-location" for all things related to selling, DIY crafting, and fashion.
We think any of this is exciting or interesting to you and you've found a home online at WoodsOfBellTrees.

Our Mission

We are passionate about sewing and crafting so we made it our mission, to make something that many people consider inaccessible or hard to get started with easy to use for everyone.
We are trying to level the playing field. Our occasional training resources for sewing, DIY, crafting, and clothing creation are as easy and straightforward as possible. However, we also introduce more complex, challenging, and technical components.
We want WoodsOfBellTrees to be the best place online to start crafting, whether you are looking for new ideas, techniques, or new inspiration.
Yes, you will need some tools and fabric to get going.
You must also embrace your creativity and imagination. You can create anything if you are willing to combine that with the training and resources we offer.
Many of the projects we share at WoodsOfBellTrees can be modified and customized.
These projects are meant to be "training wheels" that will help you learn the basics of sewing and crafting. Once you've mastered the basics, you can let your imagination run wild and use these technical skills for anything and everything.
WoodsOfBellTrees is all about freedom in crafting!

Our Promise

When our community members visit us, we make them a few promises:
First, you will find a community that is welcoming, friendly, and open to everyone who has an interest in the craft world.
WoodsOfBellTrees welcomes anyone who is new to creating and selling or has been in the business for years.
You'll find a community that is full of energy and focused on excitement. However, it also has a rich library of resources you can access today, tomorrow, as well as years in the future.
WoodsOfBellTrees shares a variety of projects to help you improve your craft and sewing skills.
We want you to be able to take these skills forward on any project you undertake from now on, whether it's one of ours. And we hope you'll remember fondly the time you spent at WoodsOfBellTrees.
We promise you will feel at ease, comfortable, and at home. You won't feel pressure to ask questions, make comments or share information with our community.
We are the WoodsOfBellTrees team, but we want this platform to feel more like a home for the community.
While we might steer conversations in certain directions or encourage discussion on different topics at different times, we are going to always do our best to get people interested in crafting and sewing. However, our community will have a significant impact on how WoodsOfBellTrees develops.

What is this website about?

WoodsOfBellTrees focuses on crafting and creating from patterns and projects, as well as your dreams and imagination.
WoodsOfBellTrees is the ideal destination for all things sewing and crafting.
Our resources are open to all and are free to anyone to enjoy. They are also designed to foster a sense of community.
We often find that online platforms meant to bring people together end up making people feel disconnected more than ever.
This is what we don't want WoodsOfBellTrees to become.
We want this place to be a place for your creative dreams to take flight. It will allow you to share your ideas, plans, and projects with a supportive community.
There will be many tutorials and resources available, as well as a lot more "educational contact" on WoodsOfBellTrees. All of this information is intended to spark conversations and help people feel more connected by crafting.

Which Topics Are We Passionate About?

WoodsOfBellTrees is passionate about a few topics, such as:
  • New sewing projects - We love hearing about new projects and how people use their sewing machines. Also, we love to hear new ways to add interesting twists to older patterns or templates.
  • New crafting equipment – The crafting community is full of very creative people (no surprise), and many are creating new tools, equipment, and technologies that make crafting easier.
  • Craft news - We love to report on the news about companies that offer new and exciting materials or fabrics, or any other news that can have an impact on our ability to create the projects of our dreams
  • Fashion - Fashion is a major part of what we do at WoodsOfBellTrees. This is especially true when it comes to DIY or homemade fashion, where people transform their looks to be more in line with their style.
... And that's only the tip of an iceberg!
Don't be afraid to ask us if there is anything you would like the sewing community to do or spend more time on.
We'd love to hear from you about what WoodsOfBellTrees should cover.

How do we review products?

Market research is a major part of our business and we are more likely to concentrate on certain features. These product reviews should be reviewed. Before we publish any reviews on our website, we make sure that they are read. This helps us keep our promises to customers in the best possible way.
We offer our opinions on all topics discussed at the end. We are happy to answer questions and listen to our audience.

Why should we learn DIY?

There are only a few reasons to learn how to sew, craft, and create. But the main reason that we are seeing so many people interested in this hobby is the availability of technology and tools.
You had to be able to read and understand the basics of sewing, as well as templates. There were only a few materials that you could use.
However, today, there is no other truth. We have all the tools, all of the technology, and all the materials that you need to make your creations. They are more accessible and available than ever before.
This hobby is gaining popularity because it allows for creativity and crafting that was not possible before. We are happy to help you learn how to create, or just give you an outlet for your creativity.
We're happy you're here if you also want to learn how to sew and craft to make something for others (either as an additional service or as a business).
Welcome to WoodsOfBellTrees.Com!