Home DIY Pallet Ideas

  • 07 Mar 2022 13:05
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Home DIY Pallet Ideas

You'll probably have the same realization when furnishing your home: furniture is costly! A futon can be purchased at Walmart for $100 or more. And, let's face it, nobody needs a futon after college.

What are your options? You can make furniture from scratch that looks amazing or you can buy it at a junkyard. Below are some great DIY pallet furniture ideas to help you avoid this fate.


Bookshelves can add sophistication to your home decor. However, if you want a bookshelf that isn't a flatpack and/or made from particleboard, it will cost you a lot more. You don't need all that wood to make a beautiful bookshelf in your home. A single pallet contains all you need.

A wooden pallet should be disassembled neatly. It will need to be cleaned and sanded depending on its age. You will use cross-braces to support the freestanding shelf after you have completed building it. The shelf's design is dominated by the shorter longboards. Pallets are unfinished wood so you can either leave them alone to create a rustic look or stain it and polish it to match your decor.


A bench is a wonderful addition to any home. You can provide somewhere for your guests to sit outdoors or indoors. They can hold any other items that won't fit on your table or countertop, but they are usually not designed to be used as a place for food. The bench is very simple and can be made with just one pallet and two 2x4s for the legs. Split the pallet in half, leaving a smaller section for the back and a larger piece for the seat. These two pieces can be screwed together. A few sides supports may make the bench more stable, but these are optional.

Cut your 2x4 into four equal pieces, according to the height of your bench. Screw them in place. You now have a neat little bench that you can paint, stain, or leave as is, depending on what you prefer.

Tool Storage

Tired of having tripped on your shovels, rakes, and other long-handled tools scattered all over your garage? This is the easiest DIY pallet project you'll ever do. Simply place a pallet on its side and attach it to your garage wall. You now have handy storage for long-handled items without spending a lot of money or making too much effort.

The trick of standing a pallet up on its end can help you create vertical gardens or other DIYs that will make you envy your neighbors.


All bed frames look similar, except for those with fancy canopy beds or lots of storage under the bed. A unique frame made of reclaimed pallets with plenty of storage space underneath, and also made of pallets, is a great way to get the best of both!

To make your bed, you can either break down the pallets or create one from scratch. You can also lay a few pallets on the floor and place your mattress on top. Pallets can be used to make a hanging bed if you have something to hang it from.

Accent Wall

You can make almost anything with pallets. They are simply raw wood. Reclaimed pallets can be used to create an accent wall in your room. This project is best if you use the thin, bulky pieces of pallets instead of the cross-pieces. Start by gathering a few pallets and attaching the wood to the wall. Some prefer to use raw pallet wood. However, that is entirely up to you.

After the wood panels have been installed, sand them until smooth.

Fold-Up Desk

This pallet DIY is a great option if you don't have enough space for a desk. This project combines a pallet, plywood, a sheet of plywood, and a piano hinge. It also includes paint or stain to make a foldable desk that attaches to your wall.

The pallet doesn't need to be taken apart. Simply screw the top, the side with many boards, into the wall. Your desk will be built from the bottom of the pallet. Your plywood sheet should be cut to fit between the bottom boards of the pallet. Attach it to the piano hinge. To keep your desktop steady while you work, add cables and a window shutter to keep it out of the way when you aren’t using it.

This is all there is to it. You can also sand, stain, or paint if you wish.

Pallets are one of the most versatile ways to reclaim wood. These pallets can be used whole or disassembled to create a DIY pallet. Which project are you going to try?

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