Ways to Decorate Window Boxes Without Flowers

  • 06 Mar 2022 10:55
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Ways to Decorate Window Boxes Without Flowers

You may be afraid of the thought of growing anything living. You can make window boxes look great and add curb appeal to your home. However, if you don't have window boxes, you can still do many things that don't require living plants.

Six different ideas are provided below to decorate your window boxes. There are some fun ideas, while others are more traditional. You can find at least one idea that you can use today to beautify your outside, no matter what style you have or your personal preference. You can jump to the sections below for more ideas!

  • Fake Flowers
  • Fairy Garden
  • Rockscapes
  • Successful
  • Bird boxes
  • Seasonal Decor

Section 1: Fake Flowers

Window boxes are often associated with beautiful petunias and greenery. You can add some floral color to your home without having to use real flowers. Fake flowers today are realistic-looking and very affordable.

First, line the box with Styrofoam. This will give you a way to elevate the appearance of the box and also provide a platform for your artificial plants. Next, arrange your box in the same manner as a floral arrangement. Use different heights, both greenery, and florals. You will need to replace the artificial plants as they can fade over time due to sunlight and exposure to the elements.

Section 2: Fairy Garden

Are you a parent with young children or simply a fan of fairy tales and magic? Make a miniature fairy garden out of one of your window boxes. Small sculptures, such as tiny homes and giant mushrooms, can be added to make it a miniature fairy village. You can also add small fairy figurines for some extra fun.

You can create a themed box if you have a specific interest such as a love for Marvel heroes. You could add action figures or other inexpensive elements to your box instead of a fairy theme. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Section 3: Amazing Rockscapes

Rocks require very little maintenance. They are extremely durable and can be hosed off from time to time. You can line your window boxes with Styrofoam. The rocks will add weight so you should avoid dirt. Add a thin layer of mulch or mockmoss to the top of the Styrofoam. Next, arrange your rocks in an interesting arrangement.

People will want to see your rockscape from the street, so make sure you include rocks that are large enough to see over the rim of the container. Also, be sure to include smaller rocks for people who might come up close to the box.

Section 4: Succursives

You can probably kill succulents even if your thumb is black. These plants are very hardy and can withstand drought. You don't have to plant flowers. Many annual flowering varieties can add color and interest, even if you don't want them. You could also add hen-and-chicks plants to the box and let them fill it in.

Remember that succulents can be quite short and tall, so people driving by won't see them. You can add height to your plants by adding metal flowers or another type of sculpture.

Section 5: Bird boxes

Do you love birds? You can create a birdscape with a window box and add color to your windows. Another idea is to find a branch and paint it in a bright color to stand out against your home. Then add fake birds to that branch. A small, bright birdhouse can be placed next to the branch.

You can create a birdbath in your window boxes if you enjoy birdwatching. You can also add to their enjoyment by planting a hummingbird shrub next to the birdbath.

Section 6: Seasonal Decor

You might love real flowers in your window box in summer but feel that they need something more when fall comes. Add some unique touches to your window boxes for spring, fall, and winter.

Spray branches with black paint and place them in their boxes. The base can be decorated with pumpkins or gourds. Use evergreen branches and twinkle lighting in winter. Artificial poinsettia flowers can be added to your mix for a splash of color. Bright plastic eggs and a small bunny figurine can be used to decorate Easter in the spring.

There are many unique window boxes

Flowers are everywhere. A window box that doesn't contain flowers will give you a unique look that is adaptable to the seasons and low maintenance. These ideas are great, but you can also add unique features to your window box by thinking outside the box.

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