The Squeaky Bed

bed, bedroom, update, decor, master, ideas, refresh, interior, design, redoIt squeaked, it squawked, it woke me up every morning eliciting a very irritated Continue reading →

Mini Wooden Christmas Village Part 1

mini, miniature, wood, christmas village, painted, handemade, craft, diy, ideas, holiday, decoration 14I made a goal recently to start using what I already have for creating before I go out and buy additional products – I’ve had these little trees Continue reading →

Simple Uses for Rosehip Oil

Beauty, crafts, dr. song's, frizz, hair, ideas, moisturizer, natural, Oil, reducer, resist, rosehip, tips, uses,I enjoy using oils in my beauty routine and in my creations partially because Continue reading →

Swap & Tell #12

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Can you believe October is almost over?
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5 Tips for a Cozier Home

homey, tips, cozy, home, room, ideas, throws, baskets, texture, storage, personalize, welcomingI will be the first to admit that when it comes to the making of a cozy home, I am not particularly Continue reading →

Glittered Pinecone Ornaments

glitter, pinecone, ornaments, christmas, tree, decorations, decor, holiday, natural, nature, affordable, diy, craftHalloween has not officially come and gone, but we’ve celebrated Continue reading →